What Should I Expect from Companionship Care at Home?

Are they lonely? Are they happy? Have they watched every single box set on Netflix? Are you worried, anxious and wondering what’s next?

You can bid farewell to those feelings because Companionship Care has you covered.

Our Companionship Carers get invited to Christenings, weddings, bingo… you name it.


Because it’s never just a job. It’s a pleasure. And we make sure it’s right for your relative.

OK, so who is Companionship Care ideal for and what’s it all about?

Companionship Care is ideal for those who enjoyed a busy, active social life, but it’s drawn to a close. Suddenly finding yourself alone and at home without those former avenues to enjoy is a lot to take in. Especially if it happens suddenly or that much-loved lifestyle is no longer on the menu.

Loneliness is soul-destroying. You can go from feeling needed, confident and included to isolated, withdrawn and low. Loneliness can even result in physical conditions.

If this feels familiar and loneliness is not an option for your loved one; Companionship Care can be just the social boost they need.

Meaningful conversation and connection, reviving enjoyable activities, restoring confidence and independence… our Companionship Carers know just how to reignite that spark.

No one should have to sit alone all day with only daytime TV for a friend (shudders). But as much as you want to help out and engage, work commitments, family life and responsibilities can make that difficult. No doubt if you had a pound for every time they said, “Not to worry”, you could finance a Ferrari, but you know your loved one. You know life is a bit lacking and that’s why we do what we do. Most of the Pure Life team had “the call” to this career as they’ve been there too. Care visits that finished faster than a race. A never-ending stream of new faces. No real connection or consideration. It’s heartbreaking to watch and we’re proud to put an end to it for the Kent community.

Slowing down never has to mean shutting down. Everyone deserves to feel like a valued, appreciated member of society with plenty to look forward to and enjoy.

What can your loved one expect from their Companion?

  • Regular meetups (coffee, cake and catch-ups!)
  • Social activities and interaction
  • Hobbies, old and new, rekindled
  • A consistent, trained, cherry-picked Carer and Companion
  • Trips to the shops and help with all the daily chores
  • A good giggle and the best gift of all – time
  • No more feeling like they’ve been left on the shelf

How do we choose the right carer for your relative?

Well, that’s easy.

We choose the carer for your family exactly how we’d choose the carer for ours: Expertly.

You’ll benefit from an initial care assessment and bespoke care because we’re all wonderfully quirky and unique. Your loved one will also receive ongoing care assessments to proactively manage their needs and any changes.

If you’re ready to put a spring back into their step and bring some peace of mind to yours, why not get in touch to see how we can help?

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