Palliative Care at home

It’s a time when the most difficult and heart-wrenching decisions must be made in a family. The moment when your parents, grandparents or other close relatives reach the point when palliative care becomes the course they must take.

Among the biggest questions at this moment is whether palliative care – which helps people with an incurable condition maintain the best quality of life they can for as long as possible – should be in your loved one’s home or in a care home.

An assessment of the level of care required by the individual will greatly determine this decision. However, once the formal health needs of your loved one have been assessed, the happier option at this pivotal point is often for a person to receive palliative care at home.

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What is palliative care at home?

Palliative care at home helps your loved one cope in the best possible way with their life-limiting health conditions.

Your relation receiving palliative care is at the absolute heart of Pure Life home care service. The specialist care team are there to help in both the prevention and relief of any pain, and to provide medication and ongoing assessment of your loved ones needs.

As well as looking after your loved one’s physical requirements, our Pure Life home team will manage with great kindness and dignity all your loved one’s personal care needs, including washing, dressing, bathroom and toilet requirements, and food and drink.

Then there’s the emotional side. Our team genuinely care about the individual facing their health condition and yourselves as their close family. We understand the feelings of the person we’re caring for, and are there to talk, listen, laugh, cry, help with their concerns, in a spirit of empathy, heartfelt support and friendship.

How to get palliative care at home

What’s your first port of call got to be, once a care assessment has been made by a GP, nurses and other medical professionals that your loved one is in need of palliative care?

Should this care be administered at home, or in a care home? There are so many practicalities to weigh up, and it can understandably seem hugely daunting. And all the while the immediate and ongoing essential care of your relative is the number one priority.

Happily, we at Pure Life Homecare are at hand to provide an all-round quality palliative care solution to ease your burden.

Our expert home care team, working closely with yourselves and your loved one to assess and define their exact individual requirements in their home, will pull together a tailor-made care plan specific to your parent, grandparent or other relative’s personal needs.

Our promise

With Pure Life Homecare’s fully-managed, specialist care service in place and running smoothly, you as a family member have gone a long way to ensuring peace of mind for you and yours.

But with your loved one’s physical and health needs being cared for, we focus on the person at the heart of the matter. Your beloved relative in the home they cherish, and all that it means to them.

We understand the importance of home, which goes way beyond mere bricks and mortar. Our care centres on the person to whom memories of life at home, and their continued presence there, means so much.

And we are there as friends as well as carers to share, support, talk to and listen to your loved one; their stories and experiences, and present day wishes, needs and choices.

It’s only too understandable that you’ll be facing a potentially fraught time on the emotional front as your parent, grandparent or other relative receives palliative care at home.

You may be trying to deal with a host of conflicting feelings. You’ll be eager to help out as much as you can, make yourself useful, and just be there and in the present for your loved one as much as possible in this new caregiving situation.

At Pure Life Homecare we totally get this. We have been there in our caring capacity for hundreds of people like you and your family.

Rest assured; your needs are very much part of our comprehensive home care service. We’re here to talk, to discuss your loved one’s needs, take on board your wishes, and your desire to help and be involved in meaningful and useful ways. And furthermore, we’re here as supportive friends.

Reliable, specialised experts in the field of home care. That’s our Pure Life pledge to you and your loved one, upon which we pride ourselves.

Our friendly home care team, in close liaison with you loved one’s doctor, nurses, community support professionals and yourselves, will carefully assemble and put in place a palliative care package, designed specifically for your loved one’s individual needs.

Make no mistake, there is no one-size-fits-all care plan where Pure Life is concerned. Each one of our palliative care home plans fully takes into account the different and nuanced personal care requirements of your treasured relative we proud to have been entrusted with our care.

We understand the importance of establishing - and maintaining – a meaningful routine for your loved one at home.

In their familiar environment, it makes good all-round sense to keep things as close to what they are used to as possible. We are mindful of this when building our care schedules, to enhance your relative’s quality of life within their home as much as possible.

Sensitivity, support and compassion are Pure Life’s absolute ethos, informing every aspect of our palliative care at home service for your loved one.

It can come as a huge - and incredibly positive – relief for your relative facing a life-limiting health condition, to be secure in the knowledge that they will remain in the comfort of their own home.

Pure Life home carers help to garner and build on the strengths of this safe and familiar environment for your loved one. The easy informality of being at home, underpinned by the kindness, warmth and professionalism of our care team can greatly boost the quality of life for those needing palliative care, and help eradicate many worries and concerns.

Practical help for your loved one

Here is a general checklist, outlining the practical measures taken by our Pure Life home carers, which form key elements of the daily palliative care plan we provide for your loved ones.

First and foremost we are carers who really care – and the comfort and dignity of individuals we look after in their own homes informs everything we do.

In a palliative care at home assisted living scenario, our carers will bathe, dress, help with toilet duties and generally help spruce up your loved one. Making sure they are happy, and feeling and looking the very best they can is vitally important.

Our full-trained and qualified carers will pick up prescriptions and administer medication. We also help your loved ones with mobility issues such as physical support, walking and movement, plus pain management and relief.

Our carers also take responsibility for food shopping, cooking, clearing up and washing up. The food and meal choices will be requested whenever possible by your loved one (and with your involvement as close family) to suit their needs, tastes and wishes.

Your relative’s home will be kept clean and tidy at all times by our carers, who will do all the washing, wiping, dusting, cleaning, vacuuming and laundry as appropriate to the needs and comfort of your loved one, further to ease your worries.

If your loved one has any pets, we will make sure they are regularly fed and generally looked after. We will water and tend to houseplants too, to make sure they stay in good health.

But on top of all of this, we will give your loved one kindness, emotional support, friendship and companionship, and stave off loneliness and anxiety, in the comforting setting of their own four walls.