The #7 Top Reasons That Compel You to Be a Carer

OK, we’re just gonna call it like it is. No beating around the bush. Brace for impact.

Carers are superheroes.

Yep, we said it.

Let’s look at the facts here. Wonder Woman brought peace to the wider world. Superman helped those in need. Batman had his issues, but you called and he came. The Care Bears even had their own TV show.

Caring is the gift the world needs. We see the smiles, the appreciation, the pride and the pleasure that comes with this gig every day.

Any family who has needed a Carer appreciates it’s the most cherished and valued role in the world. You take care of their loved ones when they need it the most #EnoughSaid

The stories. The connection. The camaraderie. The training. The emotional intelligence. There’s a special something about someone who revels in helping others.

Are you thinking of becoming a Community Carer?

Are you looking for a really rewarding community and a new opportunity?

OK, well, buckle in. Because here we reveal…

The top #7 reasons that compel you to be a Carer (and some might surprise you)

7 reasons to become a carer

#1 It’s just a better and more fulfilling career than pretty much most other jobs.

Let’s lean into this one because caring rocks. A lot of our lovely Care squad have come from hospitality, the beauty industry, or a service role. Their past professions just can’t compete. Quick churn and fast-paced, you feel like a number and it’s just not fulfilling. You want something special and to make a valuable contribution with your time.

#2 You’re a special kind of someone.

You show up. You care. You understand. You have special skills and strengths. In short, this isn’t for everyone. You’re a special kind of someone who values compassion, kindness, people and life.

#3 You love to laugh.

Perhaps the best medicine of all and the hero of communication; laughter is ace! You love it. We love it. Our families love it. What’s not love? Work should be enjoyable and here it is 12

#4 You have to accept that you’ll become a hero in the eyes of the families you support.

It’s a role that garners plenty of appreciation – just as it should. And not just from your families and clients but from your employer (cough, cough).

#5 You love training and development, which is perfect because after just three months you’ll be enrolled on NVQ Level 3 or 4 in Health & Social Care. Did someone say career advancement?

We care enough about our team to invest in them. We recently all undertook dementia training together and it’s made such a difference to our understanding and capabilities. Regular training, investment and qualifications mean many new strings to your bow.

#6 You love seeing the BIG difference YOU make every day.

You know those jobs where you get home and you really can’t quite figure out the impact you had? No special moments. No smiles raised. No appreciation. It’s just no fun with a side order of demotivation. A community Carer suffers no such fate. Do you remember what we said about capes?

#7 You don’t want to be stuck in an office or rocking the lonesome remote work thing. You love thriving as part of a team and being out and about.

Our Carers visit families in their own homes and are part of a team. We tailor support and you will be fundamental to the care and day of your clients. It’s a varied and rewarding role for someone who really wants to make a difference.

Is that you?

Because if so, we’d love to hear from you!

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