Companionship Care at home

The pressures, hustle and bustle of modern life can lead to a highly atomised existence for many people. Many are left high and dry, just trying to get by on their own while feeling out of sorts, left out and left behind.

This is a particular wrench if you’ve been used to leading an active and socially enriching life. And then, all of a sudden, those avenues of enjoyment with others seem to have been blocked off for good.

Situations such as this can be especially acute, sadly, among older people, with much written and debated about on the subject of the perils of loneliness at this stage of the 21st century.

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Choosing the right carer

We fully appreciate that choosing a companionship carer who is right for your relative – and with your relative’s full involvement all the way – is a big step. It’s likely that you haven’t considered going down this path before.

Well let us put your mind at rest for starters. We at Pure Life Homecare are lucky enough have a wonderful team of companionship carers with genuine real-life experience and great social skills.

Our companionship carers are excellent communicators and conversationalists, and genuinely caring, kind and supportive individuals, who get along brilliantly with people of all ages, and understand and emphasise with the many and varied needs of older people.

How to get companionship care at home for your loved one

Your relative living on their own, and perhaps seeing no one nor talking to anyone for long periods of time might not at first realise that their isolation is a problem. On the other hand, they may be acutely aware of it, and either too proud to ask for companionship help, not knowing that such a thing exists, or knowing where to begin in finding such a service to suits their needs.

This is where you as a caring relative can step in and help. And Pure Life Homecare has just that very personal resource of friendly, compassionate and reliable companionship carers to lend an ear and a hand – and in so doing add renewed colour, interest, variety and enjoyment to your loved one’s life.

Our promise

This much we all know for sure: family life for many can become much more fragmented as people get older.

Husbands, wives, partners, relatives, old colleagues and friends pass away and move away. Children and grandchildren move away too, with distance and life’s incessant demands often getting in the way of meaningful, genuine, one to one engagement between relatives and friends in person.

The love and care is more often than not still there, no doubt about that. It’s just that enough time isn’t, or that precious time isn’t taken to break the cycle of social isolation.

Communication has changed beyond much recognition of course, with the dominance of the internet and social media. But for every hurried FaceTime, Skype call, old school phone call, text, WhatsApp or Zoom chat, nothing compares to the proper, unrushed face-to-face company of family and friends.

Companionship care offers a way of changing all this for your loved one who might be feeling anxious through loneliness and isolation. Companionship care helps your loved one become connected with people again.

The companionship care service from Pure Life Homecare has the expressed intention and proven track record of helping isolated people – especially those in older generations – rediscover the warm reassurance of friendship, by the simply reality of having someone to talk to whenever they wish, and to come and visit them regularly.

For people living on their own, family perhaps scattered far and wide across the country or overseas, solitude can have a corrosive impact on one’s health and general wellbeing, physically and emotionally.

Perhaps the individual is bereaved – either recently or for a long time – and is stuck in a spiral of loneliness exacerbated by health issues such as various disabilities including loss of mobility, preventing them getting out and about and meeting people as much as they once did.

Either way, it’s a proven fact that social interaction is an absolutely vital aspect in maintaining a decent quality of life for all. Basically, having a friend to meet and talk to gives daily life rhythm and meaning, and in turn makes you feel better. We all recognise that feeling as the truth.