Mental health support at home

Pure Life’s professional, caring and empathetic mental health team are alongside our clients every step of the way to help them navigate all manner of mental health challenges, which people may have to cope with and deal with these days.

No challenge is too complex or onerous for our caring professionals. And what’s more, support for these mental health challenges benefit from the added reassurance of being delivered with kindness and compassion, in the familiar setting of your family members’ homes.

Central to our Pure Life ethos of ensuring the highest levels of mental health support is the recognition of the individual at the heart of our care – and each individual’s dignity.

We know that mental health needs can, by definition, be nuanced, subtle and always specific to the actual needs of the person receiving each care support programme.

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Practical steps for mental health support at home

First of all, there are practical steps and needs which our professional Pure Life home carers evaluate form the start of offering mental health support at home for your loved ones.

Of course, these can be – and usually are – many and varied. But your support team covers them all in every scenario with the equal highest levels of compassion, rigour, commitment and care.

This commitment to best practices drives Pure Life Homecare’s person-led mental health support provision.

Assessing each person’s specific mental health support needs can take many forms. These can include individuals striving to cope with – and combat – alcohol and drug addictions.

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Practical care from our mental health support team

Once the necessary practical steps have been identified by our support team, together with the individual we can turn our attention to practical care.

This level of care has the steadfast, practical aim of building up your loved one’s confidence, and in so doing help them to live as independently as possible in their own home and in the community.

These are just some of the things we do:

* Our mental health support team will pop round regularly to chat to individuals in their own home. Our carers are always compassionate and strive hard with each person needing mental health support to understand their particular challenges.
* Empathy is the key. Our team empathise with your loved ones’ feelings and work together with them and their families to provide the very best tailored support solutions.
* We embrace and understand the benefits of getting out and about. Isolation can dramatically exacerbate mental health challenges, as we all know. That’s why we at Pure Life offer opportunities to take your loved ones out of the house as they wish and in accordance with their needs.

This might be for a shopping trip, a coffee or a spot of lunch, day trips, bike rides or an afternoon at the cinema. Each option adds crucial support to the process of overcoming complex mental health needs.

With the onset of dementia signs and symptoms, the seemingly mundane, simple, practical and daily needs of life can start to fall by the wayside or start to take on the appearance of insurmountable tasks.

And once these routine activities either diminish or disappear due to early dementia, it’s crucially important that, with help, normal everyday practical tasks resume and continue in the comfort of their own home.

This is where the real-life, all-round, human touch of our Pure Life home carers comes to the fore. This can be anything - and everything - from ensuring that your loved ones are always washed, bathed and dressed, helped with their bathroom ablutions, their teeth are cleaned and skincare and hair routines are maintained.

Maintaining as much mobility as possible within the diagnostic assessment and needs of the cared-for individual is also a major factor in our home dementia care plan. Physical activity in the house, under the caring supervision and guidance of our highly trained Pure Life home carers, can also have notably positive benefits for individuals with dementia.

The importance of nutrition and regular, balanced meals are likewise crucial, as our carers make sure your loved one’s homecare routine remains consistent under our expert help and guidance.

Good, home-cooked meals to the individual’s taste are a vital element in providing daily consistency, and the correct high level of practical care which your parents, grandparents or other family members requiring dementia care both need and deserve. For this, our Pure Life home carers are on hand to meet all such food shopping and cooking needs.

Alongside the practical needs of people requiring dementia care at home, the huge benefits of keeping the mind active should never be underestimated.

In fact, mental stimulation is one of the key components of the therapeutic process, which reaps hugely positive benefits for individuals.

Favourite hobbies, pastimes and interests can and should continue to be pursued by your loved ones, whenever and however possible.

The list isn’t exhaustive, naturally. But these might include storytelling, reminiscences, favourite memories and tales about family members, past holidays, significant moments while bringing up the family, sports, pets, books, films, music, work and family life, life experiences, history, old news stories and events. The sky is very much the limit when it comes to fostering and maintaining a meaningful and familiar home environment, full of warmth and proper communication between your loved one and their caring and empathetic Pure Life home carer.

What’s more, our care team crucially have the time, kindness and patience to make certain these chats are all conducted in a caring, comfortable and calming manner, with genuine familiarity, regularity and friendship.

The mentally stimulating benefits people with dementia can reap from favourite hobbies and games at home should similarly not be underestimated.

Arts and crafts, crosswords or perhaps a love of music, may well have played a significant part in your parents’, grandparents’ or other relatives’ lives before the onset of dementia. And with the hands-on help of our home carers they can continue to serve a purposeful and enjoyable role, despite the changes of life’s needs.

There are great physical, emotional and mental benefits to getting out and about, within the realms of the practical and the possible, for your loved ones in need of dementia care.

There are perhaps the regular social activities an individual might have always been used to, such as a trip to the hairdressers, a get together for a bingo session, music concerts, a pub lunch with friends and family, a walk in the park, or tea and cakes at a favourite social club.

And how about the life-enhancing goodness a little bit of variety can bring? These can take the shape of home carer-supervised outings, walks or even the likes of table-tennis classes or tai chi. The benefits to your loved ones’ wellbeing can be tangible, while giving lots of extra colour and interest to daily life.

It’s important to make certain that any medication needs are met, and there is always full and detailed regular communication between your loved ones’ home carer and other relevant medical professionals, such as doctors, community healthcare workers, nurses and occupational therapists. Pure Life carers always act on any such needs with the utmost professionalism, care and rigour.

You as family members, concerned that the highest levels of healthcare provision are a primary focus of your loved one’s care package, are emphatically involved in this collaborative process. Our home carers adhere to best practices at all times, for both your loved ones’ benefit and your own peace of mind.

Whether it’s a trip to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, paperwork to fill in, the giving of medication, medical recommendations and changes in condition to be aware of: the liaising between family, Pure Life home carers, medical teams and healthcare providers is part and parcel of our effective and beneficial dementia care at home plan.

And it works wonders in helping people with dementia maintain the dignity and independence of a fulfilling life within the safety and comfort of their own home.

Our commitment to your family member, family support and primary carers

You’ll find Pure Life’s specialist mental health support teams covering the Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable, Thanet and Swale areas of Kent.

Our Pure Life pledge is to provide much-needed respite and relief for family members and carers dealing with individuals’ daily mental health challenges.

And in so doing, central to our care support provision is the aim of building up their confidence and capabilities, so your loved ones can live as independently as possible, while enjoying a much happier, stable, enriching and more fulfilled life.