Alzheimer’s Care at home

Pure Life Homecare’s professional team of carers with years of real-life experience are here to guide you through the choppy waters of choosing to have your loved one with Alzheimer’s cared for at home.

When it comes to home care for your parents, grandparents or other relatives with Alzheimer’s, the challenges of a new and often fast-changing situation can seem daunting.

It’s likely that taking the scenario in isolation, you may not at first know which way to turn. Confusion can reign, inevitably, as you start to see signs of decline in the person you love most.

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The challenges of Alzheimer’s care at home

Seeing your loved ones decline and no longer able to do all the things they once did at the drop of a hat is undoubtedly an anxiety-inducing time, bringing with it worries of Herculean proportions.

Emotions will be heightened, and sometimes fraught – but this is not unusual. It’s vital to remember that. And help at home is at hand for your loved one with Alzheimer’s and yourself; professional support for your unofficial, newfound role as carer in chief.

Cognitive changes brought on by the onset of Alzheimer’s are often the most alarming things you will have to deal with. Coupled with the declining abilities of your loved one, the emotional turmoil can be as traumatic for yourself as for the individual.

Our promise

We recognise that the quality of the home environment for the person with Alzheimer's is a vitally important consideration alongside safety.

Applied in tandem, they both have positive contributions to make towards your loved one’s overall wellbeing.

Again, it’s the little practical checks which can make all the difference. For safety, familiarity and convenience, of course there’s the telephone (ideally a cordless landline and an easy-to-use mobile); this should be within immediate reach of your loved one all the time. Same goes for the television remote control, and/or the radio.

Access to favourite music, TV shows and radio programmes can be key comforters for individuals requiring Alzheimer's care at home. We at Pure Life Homecare think too about convenience, safety and routine for your loved one when they use the kitchen.

Everything should be in its proper place – neat, tidy and uncluttered – so that making a cup of tea or coffee is a simple and familiar process, and preparing meals and snacks never becomes a confusing ordeal.

Pure Life home carers are on hand for your loved ones to help with the daily cooking and shopping routines, and keep the process as simple and familiar as possible.

As well as the kitchen and all other domestic aspects, our carers are also there to help with your loved one’s bathroom routine, with dignity, care, patience and consideration.

Your loved one with Alzheimer's might have always been a people person, used to having an active social life and lots of friends.

Or perhaps they had plentiful hobbies and interests, and lots of routines which gave their everyday life rhythm and meaning.

Quality home care can keep all these positive aspects of your loved one’s life going, with subtle adjustments to accommodate the shift in circumstances.

If your loved one was always enthusiastic about singing, music, reading, arts and crafts, gardening, walking, watching TV, our Pure Life home carers will help and supervise the individual, so they can continue to be stimulated by these favourite pursuits.

Keeping family and friends’ connections as a regular aspect of your parents’, grandparents’ or other relatives’ routine also reaps positive benefits.

The individual’s family are always a core component of our collaborative approach to home care for people with Alzheimer's. Home visits from friends and family should be maintained and encouraged; it’s all about giving worthwhile time to the cared-for person, which in itself can also have a hugely positive impact on wellbeing.

It is very much part of creating and nurturing a positive and comfortable environment, and keeping your loved one engaged. This in turn can reduce anxiety and confusion, boost old memories and add greater purpose to the home care process for your relative and close family alike.

The value of maintaining these deep emotional connections should never be underestimated, both in terms of enjoyment for all concerned, and in keeping strong levels of self-expression going for your loved one.

And along with the invaluable routine of keeping these family and friendship bonds going, we as carers make room and give time for a spot of variety and choice in your loved one’s daily schedule.

Our Pure Life home carers all understand the importance of gentle choices being offered to your loved ones, while they are being looked after at home.

This can be as simple as you like, but is designed to boost cognitive processes and give the individual that all-important degree of independence. Be it asking if your loved one would like to go for a walk in the garden or down the road; would they like a cup of tea or coffee, or chicken or tomato soup; would they like to help lay the table or arrange some flowers; or would they like to choose which outfits to wear. All subtle but vital activities which maintain and promote communication, and the best possible quality of life for your treasured relative.

How to create a safe environment for Alzheimer’s care at home

We’ve said that undue changes can bring undue stress to a person facing the cognitive impairment which comes with Alzheimer’s. But safety around the home is paramount – so these are changes which are wholly necessary to keep your loved one safe at all times.

As Alzheimer’s sufferers’ judgment can decline, the risks of injuries such as falls steadily rises. This can be mitigated and overcome by eradicating any unnecessary clutter from your loved one’s home environment.

As home carers, we at Pure Life are mindful of these everyday practical measures, which are simple but effective – and can make a world of difference.

Think of it as a kind of checklist. For example, remove loose rugs which could cause slips and falls. Lock away harmful products such as medicines and cleaning products. Make sure there no electrical cables lurking which could act as trip hazards.

Put in handrails and grab rails where necessary, so your loved one can get around easily. Make sure hallways and thoroughfares around the house have no chance of becoming obstacle courses; clear walking routes between lounge, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and back are a must as safety considerations.

Ensure that all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working effectively. And make certain the heating is timed to maintain your loved one’s comfort day and night, and the temperature of the water taps is just right, to stop any chance of scalding.

Pure Life carers are on hand as part of our Alzheimer’s care at home service to put these crucial steps in place in your loved one’s home at all times. And the specific individual needs of your special person are at the heart of our care plan, always.