Could you be one of our PureLifeCarers?

At Pure Life we never overlook the fact we have the opportunity to bring joy to peoples lives at every visit and at every human interaction, whether with a service user, team member or member of the public. We grasp this opportunity with both hands. We believe it’s simply one of the most rewarding careers possible. Placing carers at the centre of our business, we provide exceptional technical and social training and map out a personal development plan and provide the support and direction needed to grow together.

Displaying compassion and empathy and being fully committed to providing a consistently excellent standard of care being a PureLifeCarer could be your dream role. If you think so too call us now on 01227 207340 or read more.

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Our Purpose

Is to support the people of Kent live healthier, happier and fulfilled lives for longer through compassionate caring, thinking beyond limitations, being human, and bringing joy to those we serve.