Is to support the people of Kent live healthier, happier and fulfilled lives for longer through compassionate caring, thinking beyond limitations, being human, and bringing joy to those we serve.

Our Purpose Is to bring joy to everyone whose life we touch through compassionate caring and support through life’s obstacles and opportunities.

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Peace of mind

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Our Values

Compassion – Compassion helps us connect with others, It helps us establish true trust and warmth, understand and empathise with the families we support. And it guides our commitment to help, to support and to develop positive inter-personal relationships.

Teamwork – Why teamwork? Being part of a team reflects our social, human impulse to connect with others. This is the need to feel included, valued, respected and supported in teams and organisations, and to care and be cared for within a work environment.

Responsibility – We always respond positively to challenges and go the extra mile for the families we support – and likewise for each other. It’s all about taking responsibility, because as the saying goes: if we don’t, who will?

We take responsibility for doing the right thing. And we trust our team to make the right decisions for the families we support. 

Fun – We spend a lot of time making a difference for our families in the community and helping each other.
At the heart of it all, we firmly believe life is better lived when you’re laughing, smiling and having fun.

You will see this fun element in our interactions with each other, and with families and clients.

Our Values

Compassion – sympathetic to the needs of others, compelled to take action to improve lives

Empathy – commitment to understand people and human behaviour

Consistency – never let standards drop regardless of circumstance

Excellence – except nothing less in our caring, attitude and ethos

Our Guiding Principles

Like Caring for our Mum

Openness and Honesty

Kindness and Respect

We are one supportive team.

Constantly improving

A place to learn, grow and realise greatness

Thinking beyond boundaries

Delivering beyond expectations

Taking responsibility

Exceptional positivity

Having fun

Financial Competence

Our Guiding Principles

Financial Competence

Active Part of the Community

Place to Learn & Grow

Exceptional & Positive Team

Caring for Each Other

Openness & Honesty

Financial Competence

Active Part of the Community

Improving Lives one Person at a Time

We understand that we are a small presence in the universe but through lots of small acts we can change someone’s life moment by moment. It’s the small gestures that can make a big difference.

We embrace the emotional as well as the physical needs of our service users, their families and our colleagues. We listen and act. We engage their interests and learn from their experiences.

We notice when people are feeling a little ‘down’. We offer personal and professional support. We listen. We empathise. We show compassion. We look at the bigger picture and actively seek what people appreciate but wouldn’t necessarily ask for. Sometimes we need to hear beyond the words.

You see we are only as good as our people. And our people are exceptional. And if they feel cherished and cared for they will pass it on. It’s human nature. It’s just the way it is 😊