Pure Life Homecare in Herne Bay

We know all about the true meaning of the word ‘home’ at Pure Life Homecare in the Kent seaside town of Herne Bay. We totally understand the emotional importance and resonance of the place your loved ones call home.

Home is a place of love and security. It might be where your loved one saw their children grow up, or the same safe haven they have lived in for all their adult life. It could be your treasured, lifelong family home. A place of joy, laughter, and magical memories.

Let’s face it: who wants the upheaval of going into a home when they already have one? Sadly, though, your partner, parent or grandparent might at some stage reach the point where they feel less independent, secure, and not as safe as before. They might be worried about falls. They might feel lonely. They may be having to deal with growing physical and emotional challenges. These can be life-changing worries not just for your loved ones, but for yourselves too as caring relatives, of course.

At Pure Life Homecare, we find this heart-breaking. That is why we have put together an expert team of community carers who can work closely with you to tailor a bespoke care plan – and always your loved one right at the heart of it.

Teaming up with the NHS, Kent County Council, Carers’ Support and directly with individuals, we at Pure Life Homecare provide care and support to hundreds of people throughout the lovely resort of Herne Bay. The vital level of home care we provide helps your loved ones maintain that all-important, independence and fulfilment within the sanctuary and security of their own homes. By doing so, this means your loved ones can continue to enjoy as normal a life as possible at home, within the scope of their individual needs.

Your loved one may be suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, isolation, loneliness, or mobility issues. Or perhaps they need daily help with washing and bathing, nutrition, hydration, meal preparation, and support with medications.

This is all part of the Pure Life Homecare service. And for you, whether you are a close family member or a close friend, there is the added benefit of greater peace of mind, knowing your nearest and dearest is safe, and being cared for as an individual for with both love and professionalism. We at Pure Life Homecare have all the expertise and experience in community care and domiciliary care to ensure your treasured relatives live a safe, organised, enriching and fulfilled life for longer. What’s more, we can even arrange social calls, respite calls, and help with light domestic chores.

This personal touch makes all the difference to your loved ones. We have learned this throughout the course of our professional experience – and it’s something in which our carers take immense pride, with each individual looked after by Pure Life.

And why do we do this? Because at Pure Life, we care – simple as that. We really care about improving the lives of people in our local community; people who have reached that time in their lives when they need a little extra help in the familiarity and safety of their own home in the Herne Bay area.

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Our Purpose

Is to support the people of Kent live healthier, happier and fulfilled lives for longer through compassionate caring, thinking beyond limitations, being human, and bringing joy to those we serve.

Our Values





Our Values





Our Vision

Pure Life is a people business. A business where colleagues are inspired to come to work every day knowing they have this amazing opportunity to bring joy to service users and team members alike.

A place where they feel cared for, respected, listened to, nurtured and valued. A place where they can grow as carers and people. A place where they can realise their full potential.

We provide exceptional levels of care, build relationships of trust and caring that are the foundations for a healthy community. Through our work we have brought joy to many people and will continue to do so.

Our work is driven by our guiding principles and focussed on caring and collaboration. We empower and support each other and our team is representative of our communities and their diversity. We build strong sustainable relationships that nurture growth.

Improving Lives one Person at a Time

We understand that we are a small presence in the universe but through lots of small acts we can change someone’s life moment by moment. It’s the small gestures that can make a big difference.

We embrace the emotional as well as the physical needs of our service users, their families and our colleagues. We listen and act. We engage their interests and learn from their experiences.

We notice when people are feeling a little ‘down’. We offer personal and professional support. We listen. We empathise. We show compassion. We look at the bigger picture and actively seek what people appreciate but wouldn’t necessarily ask for. Sometimes we need to hear beyond the words.

Our Guiding Principles

Like Caring for our Mum

Openness and Honesty

Kindness and Respect

We are one supportive team.

Constantly improving

A place to learn, grow and realise greatness

Thinking beyond boundaries

Delivering beyond expectations

Taking responsibility

Exceptional positivity

Having fun

Financial Competence

Our Guiding Principles

• Excellent Standards

• Great Place to Work

• Place to Learn & Grow

• Exceptional & Positive Team

• Caring for Each Other

• Openness & Honesty

• Financial Competence

• Active Part of the Community

The truth about care

It’s a funny thing, care. The more we give it to others, the more joy we feel in ourselves.

When we were young, our parents gave us the best years of their lives. Our elders fought for us in wars, told us their stories, and passed on their wisdom and their values.

They saw it as their responsibility. We repay that responsibility through our role as a carer.

We go to work knowing we’re lighting up people’s twilight days. Helping them embrace challenges with dignity. Allowing them the joy of striking new friendships, revisiting old passions, even mastering new technologies.

We’re realising their value. Helping them cry away old sorrows and laugh at new joys. To teach us all a little about the respect and dignity of the past. To talk with pride about their children and grandchildren.

In short, we’re abolishing loneliness. We also feel happy, fulfilled and liberated. All while doing something amazing. But it all starts with total belief in what we’re doing.

We’re carers. So let’s care, let’s really care….about everyone!