Now, we know you don’t want to give your favourite aunt the budget, pound-saver package of home care. But you might not be deep-fat fried and smothered in riches either.

When choosing care, cost is an important consideration (unless of course, you’re Leonardo DiCaprio) so, we’d like to outline exactly what you pay for, the industry standards and what your loved ones can expect when you choose Pure Life Care.

First things first, our Community Carers are cherry-picked based on the good stuff. Good stuff like being genuinely caring people. The kind of special someone who makes your day brighter. For us, it’s never just a job. It’s a calling. Many of our team got “the call” when caring for a loved one at home and know firsthand what a difference it makes.

For these reasons (and many others), our squad benefits from the top end of the pay scale. We know… we know… we like to look after our people – madness in these modern times. But not only is it the right thing to do. We feel it’s just good sense to look after our special people who in turn look after yours.

Those important folks at the Homecare Association have published their new calculations for the cost of home care. The dirt is dished here, but in a nutshell, it considers the role as highly skilled, with experience, training and quality to be key.

We also give you – the families we support – bespoke care as everyone has different needs. A loved one may have had a stroke, may have dementia, or simply may wish to stay in their home with a little extra help. But it’s often the little things that make a big difference, like conversation and daily help doing things they’ve always enjoyed.

In we step!

What to expect:

👉 A lot! We love making a daily difference in the lives of our families and we know just how important the right care and Carer are.

👉 Trained, responsible, genuine souls who will take your Mum outside to enjoy the afternoon sunshine, or help your dad find his fave jigsaw puzzle. It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference. You just have to care enough to ask.

👉 An entirely bespoke care solution for your family and needs driven by comfort, care, and quality.

What not to expect:

👉  Anything but the best (a solid and short list, if we do say so).

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re at. Everyone deserves to make the most of each day and it’s our pleasure to help our clients and families do just that.

With a variety of tailored personal care plans to choose from, including light domestic support through to specialist care, we are confident you can choose the right care for your family even without Leo’s budget.

Do you have any queries about the cost of home care for your special someone? We are only too glad to talk through your options and lend the benefit of our expertise. You can get in touch with Pure Life Care here.

Because we know there’s no place like home (yours).

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