No matter which way you dress it up. Sometimes change can be wonderful and welcome. Like when your child starts voluntarily tidying up after themselves (there’s a chance this is just an urban myth though). But of course, at other times, change is less welcome. 

Needing home care for any reason could easily (and understandably) be viewed as an unwelcome change. There is an adjustment period for everyone. You might not know what to expect or how to broach conversations.

Will you receive an array of different carers through your door? What expert home care is available? Have carers been trained and cherry-picked? Will your loved one smile when their carer calls?

And importantly, how can you help your loved one and your family adjust?

At Pure Life Care, looking after families with bespoke quality care is what we do daily. We ensure your experience is as calm and comfortable as a luxury cruise liner on crystal clear waters so that your whole family and your loved one can relax in safe hands.

Here we’ve put together some of the tried and tested ways you can help your loved one adjust to new help in their home…

#5 Ways to Help a Loved One Adjust to Home Care

#1: Communication and preparation are key. Everyone should be involved in the process and feel included and heard. That bit is super duper important. No one likes enforced change so empower every voice. Big decisions are best made as a family and include the most important person, wherever possible, the person needing care.

#2: The honest and most important reason that quality care for your loved one need not be viewed with the suspicion of Agatha Christie is that it’s an opportunity. An opportunity for your family member to enjoy more of what they love, maintain their independence, enjoy regular visits from a trained caring professional – and perhaps most of all – stay in their home.

#3: There may, of course, be some apprehension regarding an unknown person in your home supporting your nearest and dearest. But our carers routinely end up “one of the family” with visits looked forward to and cherished (just as they should be). Our care standards mirror those which you would choose yourself. It’s never “just a job.”

#4: Our bespoke approach to home care will undoubtedly place everyone at ease. Who wants to shoehorn their needs into the equivalent of a school canteen with a lacklustre lunch? Your loved one shouldn’t fit around us. We fit around them and you so that it’s smiles and satisfaction all around.

#5: Quality is paramount. This is perhaps your loved one’s first time needing home care which can be daunting. But for us, we apply soft skills like empathy, kindness, and compassion as well as hard skills such as dementia training, complex care training, companionship care, and mental health support. Plus, we hold the training and accreditations to match.

Most people do not wish to wind up in a home. They already have one. A familiar, safe space filled with memories. But as time passes, you might be concerned about falls, safety or loneliness.

At Pure Life Care, we value the simple things like a nice cup of tea and a friendly chat right through to the more complex care characteristics that age can bestow upon us.

This is why our expert team are on hand to answer your questions, provide the benefit of our experience and deliver a bespoke care plan that helps you breathe a sigh of relief and your loved one stay happily in their home.

Caring is what we do.

If you’d like to discuss your family’s needs, then please reach out to us here for a chat.

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